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Dependable Installation

We have provided over 39 years of excellent water well drilling services. We get the sand out and get the water well up to the maximum flow potential.

Maintain a Healthy Water System 

Maintenance should be done every year, to ensure your water well system is functioning at peak performance.

​Dean Alexander Water Well Drilling sets the standard of an ideal water well system to ensure that you'll have a clean and steady supply of water.

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Need a source of water? We can dig it for you.

Water Well
Installation & Repair

​Dean Alexander Water Well Drilling

We, at Dean Alexander Water Well Drilling take great pride in constructing our water wells.We want to use only premium grade sand and gravel to construct your well.

Let our expert well drillers punch a hole to find a private source of groundwater.

​​​Bonded & Insured

License # 294289

Services List

  • Water Well Drilling
  • Irrigation Well
  • Water Well Maintenance
  • Water Well Repair  

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Water Well Services

From the ground to your faucet, we only use quality brand name products and expertise to provide our clients with complete water systems.