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High water rates, chlorine levels and other additives increase expenses and cut into your profits. Irrigation well can reduce these costs and give you quality water production that meets your needs. 

Dean Alexander’s trained, experienced professionals understand the delicate PH and nitrate/nitrite balance needed to grow top-production crops and sustain healthy livestock. Each team leverages years of experience when drilling and maintaining high-quality, high-volume agricultural water systems.

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Irrigation Well 

Disc filtration is a key component for efficient irrigation because it can be used on well water or surface water. They are designed to filter sediment or organics before entering the irrigation system. 

If your water bill is making you cringe every time you see it, then you should at least consider an irrigation well.

Savings of not having to pay that monthly Water and Sewer bill to spray water on your grass and other beautification will pay you back.

Irrigation Well Disc Filtration