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Benefits of Well Water

Our water well professionals first meet at your property to pinpoint the drill area and offer you an estimate. Our team secures the appropriate permits and begins the drilling process. A staff member discusses your exact needs for the water and potential usage, and helps you discover the best options for a pumping system. The amount of water usage is ultimately based on the size of well and production rate.

We are very selective when we choose an aquifer for your home and use only premium grade sand and gravel to construct your well. During the drilling process it is necessary to use compressed air to determine the yield before completion. We only use PVC well casings, so you never have to worry about your well corroding. After drilling and placing the casing for your well, a grout seal of cement or bentonite may also be recommended or required to prevent contamination.

We use premium stainless steel screens to ensure a non-corroding, durable screen. The best stainless steel screen is then gravel packed with clean washed, quartz gravel and this keeps out the fine sand and allows the water to enter the well. We want to get the sand out and get the well up to maximum flow potential.

Advanced Drilling Equipment

Fully Licensed & Insured

Our water wells are drilled using some of the highest drilling equipment available. We have everything from high tech drilling rigs, to heavy duty boring machines. 

We only use sustainable products and systems that reduce operating and life cycle costs to help people use water efficiently in their homes, buildings, factories and farms.

Delivering Quality and Efficient Service 

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Water Well Drilling

Fast  and Dependable Process

We have licensed well drillers and pump installers that have taken continuing education classes in addition to their wealth of experiential knowledge.

Drilling typically takes up to two weeks and then a pumping system is installed. Depending on the system, this process is completed within one to three weeks. An estimate is also given for the pump installation that includes all equipment needed. Our team is quick to drill all formations and complete designs to fit your watering requirements.

If you are looking for a licensed well drilling company that will leave you with the best well system possible, you have come to the right place.

Dean Alexander Water Well Drilling is licensed in water well drilling and pump installation for   South Aguanga, California to both residential and commercial customers. We are fully licensed and insured, obtain all required permits for drilling, and provide a free initial estimate before each job. 

At Dean Alexander Water Well Drilling, we take great pride in constructing our water wells and we deliver high quality wells that yield years of trouble free service. We provide South Aguanga, California and surrounding areas with state-of-the-art water well drilling, water well services, and irrigation well drilling

There are two main sources of water available today; wells and the public water supply. When you own a well you are in control of what’s in your water, how much water you use and when you use it.

Well Water has a number of financial, health and environmental benefits for your residence or business. Using well water, you will save the money for your monthly water usage bill for city or town water. Well water is known for its softer taste because it is filtered naturally and not through chlorine and other chemicals. Most importantly, well water is eco-friendly because it is filtered naturally through underground sand and stone layers.